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Security Tips

With the increasing rate of crime in Nigeria, It has become essential for individuals and families to be safety and security conscious. Here are some basic security tips to safeguard your homes;

  • Proper lighting & illumination – Make sure your home surrounding is properly illuminated at night. Light has the tendency of keeping intruders out. With the epileptic power supply in the country, this may not be possible on a daily basis, especially when you need it the most; “at night”. Other alternative means of power supply can be explored. Generators, solar energy systems and inverters are handy substitutes for generating power where possible.
  • Access control & sensitivity – When returning home late at night, check your rear view mirrors to ensure you are not being followed. Most home robberies that occur can be traced to home owners being followed into their premises while driving in. If you notice any suspicious vehicle tailing you, do a double round or drive into the nearest public center or police station to you. As much as possible, try to keep intruders out of your premises.
  • Alternate routes occasionally – As much as possible, try to take the attention off you and your property by alternating your routes. It is difficult to trace or track an individual to their home when you use multiple routes, especially if such option exists.
  • Know your neighbourhood – Most families have gotten so drowned in their busy work and family schedules that half the time they have gotten so accustomed to routines and do not know what exists within their neighbourhood. From time to time, drive round your neighbourhood to discover new terrains, alternative exit and access routes and if possible, security points within your neighbourhood. In the advent of an emergency, you are more knowledgeable about your geography and can make better decisions.
  • Examine and scrutinize visitors – Be careful about individuals who parade themselves as government officials to gain access to your premises. Intruders have often disguised as government workers, assigned to execute routine checks to unassuming security personnel. Make sure you request for valid identification from such individuals before letting them into your premises if necessary. Advice your security personnel to work with a visiting hour schedules and ensure they are well briefed on who to let into the premises.