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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q - Does Pavilion Technology Limited manufacture CCTV surveillance cameras?
A - Pavilion Technology Limited does not manufacture CCTV cameras; however, we source CCTV surveillance cameras from Certified Manufacturers across the world and carry out the installation. Pavilion Technology is currently the Sole Certified Solutions Provider and Distributor of Avigilon products in Nigeria. Avigilon produces the best quality and most advanced CCTV surveillance camera system in the world.
2. Q - Is Pavilion Technology Limited a Guarding Company?
A - Pavilion Technology Limited is majorly a technology and electronic-based company offering a variety of security solutions for both corporate organisations and private individuals. Although Guarding service is one of our services, we also carry out installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance system, access control system, alarm system, electric fencing, boom gates, and security equipment for bomb detection and monitoring. Pavilion Technology also provides other services such Escort Services, Patrol Services, Risk Assessment Consultation and Marine Security.
3. Q - What is the structure of the Manned Guard Department?
A - The Manned Guard department is headed by a Guards Manager with Regional Managers who report directly to him. The Regional Managers are each assigned to manage selected regions with Supervisors reporting to them. The Guards in turn report to the Supervisors. Our Guards work six (6) days a week with one (1) day off. An off-duty Reliever, who is also part of the Guard Force, relives a Guard on his/her off-days. We currently cover the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western parts of Nigeria with our head office located in Lagos and two regional offices in Port Harcourt & Abuja.
4. Q – How does the response team function?
A - Pavilion Technology has developed a zoning system for its Response Team, such that it minimizes the average response time when we receive an alarm trigger. With the zonal response team, any alarm triggered within a certain zone is immediately responded to.
5. Q - Can I link my motorized security gate with my CCTV surveillance system?
A – Yes, all our technology-based solutions can be integrated into other systems provided they have input and output ports. A motorized gate can be integrated into a CCTV surveillance system, which will grant access a person once confirmation of access is granted and inputted via CCTV surveillance system.
6. Q - How long can information be recorded and stored on a CCTV surveillance system?
A - Information can be stored on the CCTV NVR for 30 - 90 days or more. The storage period is largely determined by memory capacity of the NVR.
7. Q – What is the frequency of maintenance of CCTV surveillance camera system after installation?
A - Our Technical Team is available on Callout basis to respond to any technical failure or damage. Routine maintenance agreements are made with clients on quarterly, biannual or annual basis and charges are borne by the clients.
8. Q - What kind of vehicles do you provide for your escort service?
A - We provide an unmarked 4x4 pick-up truck fitted with sirens/strobe light, vehicle tracking and first aid kits and radio communication equipment.
9. Q - What is the standard journey time for airport pick-up and drop-off?
A - The standard journey time is two (2) hours, additional hours attracts extra charges.
10. Q – How does your alarm monitoring system work?
A – Pavilion Technology Limited centrally monitors all alarm clients from our base control room on a 24-hour basis. Signal feeds are routed to the control room from the client transmitter and response teams are then dispatched based on the alarm triggered.