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Home Security

homesecAt Pavilion Technology Limited, we are concerned about the safety and security of your home, family, children and possession.

This is why our Business Development team is on hand to help you make the right choice on suitable home security for you.

Our service offering to homes include;

Alarm systems

alarmIn its simplest form, an alarm system is an electrical circuit with magnetic contact sensors on entry doors or windows. When a door or window with the magnetic contact sensor is opened forcefully, the sensor detects the interruption in the flow of electricity and triggers a warning signal. Considering the environment we reside within, ensuring the safety and security of your home against fire outbreaks, intrusion and burglars becomes extremely crucial.

Options of alarm system

Basic alarm system

Outdoor protection or indoor protection. An 8 zone panel and keypad with 2 Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors, 2 magnetic contacts and 2 fixed panic buttons.

Advanced/Customized alarm system

Designed to suit your specific circumstance offering options for more PIR detectors, magnetic contacts and panic buttons in areas you specifically want to monitor

Electric fencing

fenceAn electric fence system consists of a varying number of strands of electric wires which carries high voltage electric pulses. It serves as a physical barrier to intruders and an early detection device. We fix each installation to every client’s unique need and specification.

Technical electronic security systems

cctv1Similar to businesses, we install electronic security technology solutions for safe guarding homes. Such necessities depending on the size of the clients property range from installing;

> Security door and or
> Access control using cards, finger print or pupil identification (biometrics)